Precise ParkLink is proud to introduce BikeLink™ to our Canadian commercial and municipal parking clients. BikeLink™ is an environmentally-friendly bike-sharing solution providing an additional source of parking revenue and an attractive alternative for vendors, partners and clients to draw upon. Precise ParkLink will install, operate, maintain and support BikeLink™, 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year across 13 Canadian provinces. The bike-sharing solution can be tailored to meet your needs, from layout, to location, time, service and brand objectives. Detailed reporting tools enable you to track parking revenues, rides made, calories burned, CO2 saved / carbon footprint reduction and customer satisfaction.

BikeLink™ consists of an off-grid network of easy-to-use docking stations, easily configurable accommodating a variety of underground or ground site requirements (single- or double-sides, curved pattern, etc). Docking stations function in tandem with pay stations enabling user registration, rentals and payments. To make it easier and convenient, the service is accessible through our mobile app or our online web link.


✓ Convenient and affordable bike access
✓ Well maintained bikes available at all BikeLink sites
✓ Additional source of revenue
✓ Environmentally friendly mode of transportation


Q: Do I have to pick-up or drop-off the bike at the same BikeLink™location?
A: No, you can return bikes to any BikeLink™ docking station.

Q: What form of payment does BikeLink™ accept?
A: BikeLink™ is a subscriber system that requires all payments to be made by credit card.

Q: How can BikeLink™ add to my parking revenue stream?
A: BikeLink™ provides an additional source of revenue through:

  • Bike Rentals
  • Advertisements
  • Increased foot traffic in retail sites