DG4 Refurbished parking Meter Program

Precise ParkLink’s Refurbished Meter Program provides a “rebuild” of the DG4 Pay-and-Display parking meter functioning with completely rebuilt and serviced parts. It is important to note that the rebuilt system provides identical hardware and software functionality as new units. The refurbish program also provides enhanced features to improve on your existing DG4 Pay-and-Display system performance. These improvements include:

  • A paint preparation treatment and repaint with manufacturer’s specified paint maintaining an anti-graffiti and adhesive quality
  • The replacement and re-installation of all internal components, harnesses and seals
  • Re-installation of EPROMS completely tested in our Pre-Production Testing Laboratory prior to deployment
  • Technical upgrades: DG modem board, emulation board and compatible 3G antenna improving communication speed, modem “wake-up” time and reduced power consumption
  • An upgrade to the m900 magnetic stripe credit card reader to maintain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance
  • Credit card “degrade” mode enabling PCI-compliant credit card payment due network outage


✓ Repainted with an anti-graffiti exterior
✓ Technical Upgrades: DG modem board, emulation board, 3G antenna and m900 magnetic stripe credit card reader
✓ Accelerated transaction speed
✓ Reduced power consumption
✓ PCI compliance
✓ Longer life cycle and improved mean time between failures
✓ Wider network coverage 


Q: How are the life cycle and mean time between system failures improved?
The m900 credit card reader is technologically advanced with its processing levels and memory intake; having a positive impact on system operation, maintenance and compliance with PCI regulations as well as end user experience.

Q: How does the credit card “degrade” mode work?
The credit card degrade mode is governed by numerous risk management parameters limiting exposure, such as acceptance duration period in degrade mode (e.g., after 30 minutes, the system will no longer accept degrade mode transactions), total dollar value and number of transactions. Transactions recorded in degrade mode are sent to Moneris during off-peak hours minimizing system downtime during high volume periods.