Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

As a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry Precise ParkLink works with municipal and private parking authorities to select the right electric vehicle (EV) charging products and solutions, install electrical infrastructure, stations and launch a the new amenity smoothly. Organizations choose to partner with Precise ParkLink’s EV charging solutions because:

  • EV charging is good for business. Offering EV charging is a great way to attract and retain shoppers, visitors, tenants, and employees. It can also help you stand out from your competition, meet your sustainability goals and earn incremental revenue.
  • You are in control. Precise ParkLink’s cloud-based solutions give businesses the flexibility to set their own prices, and seamlessly automate payment processing, reporting, and analytics.
  •  We’re easy to work with. We provide world-class service products and support to keep your stations online, 24/7 driver support, and intelligent energy management to help you keep electricity costs down.
  • We put businesses on the map. When businesses install Precise ParkLink’s charging stations they become a part of the ChargePoint public network and are immediately visible to all EV drivers.
  • A station for anywhere. Precise ParkLink’s commercial charging stations are ideal for convenient charging around town, delivering up to 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH). Our Express stations deliver up to 200 RPH, perfect for businesses where drivers stop for 30 minutes or less.




✓ Real time energy management
✓ 15 minute interval recording
✓ Time of day pricing
✓ Load shed by percentage of running average or to fixed power output
✓ Clean cord technology
✓ Power sharing doubling number of parking spaces served
✓ Mobile app and real-time data to easily find available stations
✓ Self managed account for electric vehicle drivers
✓ Full motion colour LCD display screen
✓ Instructional videos, multi language: English, French, Spanish
✓ Brand advertising: signage, commercials, demos
✓ Reduces installation costs by reducing cost/eliminating upgrade panels or transformers
✓ 24/7/365 driver customer service
✓ World class product support and service


Q: What types of EV charging solutions does Precise ParkLink provide?
A: Our experience in electric vehicle charging solutions consists of however is not limited to the following: community and public charging, fleet charging and personal charging. 

Q: Are there different models of EV charging stations for my organization to choose from? 
A: Yes. Precise ParkLink offers the following models: CPE100, CPE200, CPF25, CT4000.

Q: How long does an EV take to charge?
A: This depends on the charging station model. 

Q: How many vehicles can an EV charging station charge at once?
A: Two. 

Q: Does Precise ParkLink provide customer service for the EV charging stations?
A: Yes. Telephone support, Monday to Friday from 5a.m to 6p.m PST.

Q: Who can I contact to learn more about the different EV charging station models and solutions?
A: sales@preciseparklink.com