Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As a leader in the Canadian Parking Industry Precise has the unique ability to work with municipal and private parking authorities to install, operate, maintain, and support smart electric vehicle charging stations in all 13 provinces.  

We offer the very best electric vehicle charging station options resulting in:

  • Beneficial environmental outcomes
  • Significant branding opportunities
  • Ensuring ‘greening’ of parking service at the lowest possible cost
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across Canada

The CT 4000 ChargePoint is the latest generation of ChargePoint commercial charging stations. Refined yet rugged, set the industry standard for functionality and esthetics. The CT 4000 comes equipped with full motion color LCD display instructs drivers and supports dynamic custom branded videos and advertising. Intelligent power management options double the number of spaces served allowing two (2) charging ports to share a single circuit. Sites with single port electric vehicle charging stations can be upgraded to dual port stations with additional electrical services.  


✓ Real-time energy measurment
✓ Fully charges in as little as 4 hours
✓ 15 minute interval recording
✓ Time of day pricing
✓ Load shed by percentage of running average or to fixed power output
✓ Reduces installation costs by reducing cost/eliminating upgrade panels or transformers
✓ Doubles the number of parking spaces while reducing installation and operating costs


Q: How do the DG7 Pay and Display parking machines and the electric vehicle charging stations communicate with each other?
A: A low voltage connection between the charging station and the DG7 Pay and Display parking machines allow them to communicate with each other.

Q: How long does the car take to charge?
A: Typically, vehicles can be “topped up” within 2-3 hours.

Q: How many vehicles can the charging station charge at once?
A: Two.