Remote Monitoring (IPARC™)

Precise Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (IPARC™) is not the typical customer service call centre. An innovative surveillance model allows the Precise ParkLink IPARC™ team to deliver full-fledged and complete customer service satisfaction. The IPARC™ team leverages internet connectivity streaming video and audio in real-time from the parking lot to our Head Office in Toronto; providing peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. Remote monitoring will boost revenue, enhance public safety, and advance the facility general maintenance standards.

  • IPARC™ is the only completely functional, leading-edge remote monitoring centre available in Canada, offering a real-time communication link to Precise systems
  • Staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Specifically trained to support the SKIDATA Pay-on-Foot System.
  • Our IPARC™ solution streams optional video and audio in real-time through internet connectivity
  • Cost Savings – Reduced onsite staff costs without sacrificing customer service quality
  • Reduced Site Visits – Troubleshooting and technical repairs without deploying technicians
  • Reduced Equipment Downtime & Increased Revenue – Precise myParkFolio is configured to immediately relay equipment statuses and alarms to the IPARC™ team ensuring immediate service
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies – The IPARC™ can be leveraged as a staffing alternative, managers can re-allocate staff directives and objectives

Precise IPARC™ is flexible and can accommodate any business and budget objectives.


✓ 24/7/365 surveillance of parking lot(s)
✓ Reduced onsite staffing
✓ Reduced overhead
✓ 24-hour voice communication / customer assistance


Q: Is the IPARC team bilingual?
A: Yes. Our representatives are trained in both English and French.

Q: Is there a minimum parking lot size requirement to qualify for Precise IPARC service?
A: No, but there is a minimum charge per spot, on the basis of either number of spots, or tenants.

Q: What is the IPARC’s response time?
A: IPARC™ responds to customers calls within seconds.

Q: Will my parkers be able to access voice communication 24 hours a day using the IPARC assistance button?
A: Yes. Your facility will have access to customer service via voice communication, 24 hours a day.

Q: How can IPARC improve my parking lot’s security?
A: Precise IPARC™ system video surveillance service provides an additional layer of recordable security.