Monthly Parking (ipass™)

The Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System (IPASS™) is a cloud-based monthly parking subscriber system that allows Precise ParkLink to manage all aspects of completed parking transactions, entries and exits per customer.

How it Works

  • The IPASS™ is user friendly. Precise ParkLink configures IPASS™ also known as a monthly parking permit, in accordance with your facility.
  • The system can issue permits online, by telephone or in person.
  • Registered parking access methods provide a web-based (real-time) monthly parking and validation management module, tracking usage by individual
  • Modify parameters of the parking arrangement.
  • The back-end software (including Card Manager, Keyscan and Altaire) maintains permissions and accounting detailed records.


✓ Parking permit & access card support
✓ Wait-list management
✓ Administrator parker entitlement: determine parking rights
✓ Payment management in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant environment
✓ Account receivables
✓ Customer invoicing
✓ Customer information management
✓ Parker (self) managed parking accounts / validations
✓ Validations option
✓ Centralized monthly parking management
✓ Customer service 24/7/365 – call centre/ online


  • License for our IPASS™ cloud based parking permit management system
  • Sales and customer support administration
  • Program enforcement
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Revenue collection and submission
  • Auditing
  • Monthly reporting


Q: How will the IPASS improve my parking lot’s traffic flow?
A: IPASS™ provides faster lot entrance and exit, monitoring, statistical reports as well as access control.

Q: How can the IPASS improve my parking lot security?
A: The IPASS™ software tracks and reports on entries, location and time.

Q: What is a Parker "Self" managed account?
A: Monthly permits provide an online account providing the ability to activate, pay parking fees, and modify account information. Our customer service call centre is also available 24/7/365.

Q: Can IPASS accommodate special guests or temporary long-term parkers?
A: Yes. In addition to staff members, the IPASS™ software can computerize special guest validation, as well as temporary long-term parkers.