Licence Plate Recognition System

The Altair License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) is a robust, state-of-the-art parking technology successfully deployed globally. Precise ParkLink’s LPRS is extensively used at the Toronto Pearson International Airport developed according to stringent requirements to meet the Airport’s needs. The LPRS uses a 2-server configuration processing the license plate based transaction: an acquisition server and a management server. The acquisition server captures and converts license plate images. The management server processes the business rules in accordance to the facility and parameters linked to the license plate. This 2-server solution effectively distributes processing times substantially increasing processing speeds.

The system scans, reads, processes and stores images and data. Storage and/ or retention protocols are configurable to meet specific business rules. Business rules for “plate matching” can be configured based on processing criteria (e.g., an 80% match rate) generating a compatible match and completing the transaction. Moreover, the LPRS is programmable for processing pre-registered license plates (i.e., permit holders, validated vehicles, online registrations) in real time.


✓ Video surveillance and additional lighting
✓ Accelerated transaction and processing speeds
✓ Real time pre-registered license processing
✓ Search vehicle movements based on a wide variety of criteria
✓ “Lost Tickets” for short-term ticket holders
✓ Ticket recreation within the searchable database
✓ License number access control
✓ License number printed on tickets
✓ Parking duration calculation
✓ Statistical reports


Q: How does the LPRS work?
A: The vehicles license plate number is assigned to a ticket printed and retrieved at the parking lot’s entry and/or exit columns.

For each movement, the LPRS stores the following information:

  • Date and time
  • Entry and / or exit column lane number
  • License plate number
  • Ticket ID/ Badge number
  • Image(s) of the movement

Q: What type of parking equipment can be configured to work with the LPRS?
A: Precise ParkLink’s SKIDATA parking equipment can be configured to communicate with the LPRS.

Q: What happens when a license plate cannot be detected because it is obscured by dirt or snow?
A: The LPRS generates an alarm at the management server level. Staff can manually input the license plate number into the system, which is updated across the platform in real time.

Q: Can the LPRS read all types of license plates?
A: Yes. As a global product, the system is designed and tested to read a wide range of license plate types, including standard, vanity and out of province license plates.