myparkfolio central management system

Precise ParkLink’s ParkFolio Web is a Central Management System (CMS) that is a user-friendly web-based parking management tool effective for managing and controlling parking operations. Designed with your entire organization in mind, Precise ParkLink’s ParkFolio Web provides the efficient reporting with necessary details for parking management, financial, maintenance, collection and enforcement analysis. 

Precise ParkLink’s ParkFolio Web provides the most accurate real-time access and control capabilities available to date, redirecting the focus to core business- increasing revenues, while ensuring customers receive the highest level of service. The general architecture of ParkFolio Web consists of an hourly self-diagnostic test. In the event there are no alarm conditions, the parking meter or pay station sends an “all is well” signal to the CMS with the daily “life alarm” message. This message notifies the server the unit remains connected to the CMS and is operational. The CMS notification is typically sent within seconds of a change in operating status or collection event.


✓ Maintenance and service alarms
✓ In-house hosted solution - no server or software updates
✓ Data available 24/7/365
✓ Secure and central data storage
✓ On-demand statistical reports
✓ Trend analysis
✓ Colour-coded indicators
✓ Alarms forwarded to cell phones & PDAs
✓ Ability for integration with other technologies 


Q: Does Precise the ParkFolio Web store data securely?
A: Yes, data within the ParkFolio Web is secured using RAID disk technology, ensuring data is never lost and is immediately fully operational in case of problem.

Q: How are the alarms and statuses indicated within the ParkFolio Web?
A: The ParkFolio Web alarms and statuses are classified by colour for easy recognition. You have the option of displaying the alarms and status in a list or hierarchal view. If the alarm or status message is not received, the central system automatically triggers a system alarm reporting the pay station as “absent”.

Q: Can I use the ParkFolio Web to obtain details of parking facilities generating the most money or which meters or pay stations require the most maintenance?
A: Yes. The ParkFolio Web offers an optional Google mapping tool allowing you to map your pay station data or provide high level and detailed analysis.

Q: What types of other technologies can I integrate with the ParkFolio Web?

  • Off street systems
  • Cell phone payment
  • Vehicle detection
  • Citation management
  • Licence plate recognition