The H PASS™ Solution


Precise ParkLink in-house Research and Development division developed the H PASS™ Solution as a solution for hotels and healthcare institutions. The H PASS™ Solution is a preloaded card with a specific number of days, giving visitors the freedom to prepay their parking, enter and exit the facility using the H PASS™ card, as well as having the flexibility to enter and exit as many times as necessary within a true 24 hours' period. Precise ParkLink's foundation in technology which developed a strong back-end hosting platform--located at Head Office-- programs the H PASS™ card to access multiple sites, relied upon to conduct critical calculations and generate detailed usage reports for trend analysis.

Activate Your H PASS Card

Activate Your H PASS Card



✓ Preloaded parking card
✓ Fast swipe in-and-out
✓ Unlimited privilege to enter and exit the facility within 24 hours
✓ A one-time payment
✓ Transferrable between family members & friends
✓ Access to an exclusive H PASS telephone line
✓ A Parker Self Managed online account


Q: What is a Parker Self-Managed H PASS account?
A: H PASS users can self-manage their H PASS account online. Each hotel and/ or healthcare institution have a separate designated customer portal. Usages can be tracked at online at

Q: Can family members or friends share and H PASS account?
A: Yes. Multiple cards can be grouped under one purchased H PASS account, offering a membership plan.

Q: What parking platforms does H PASS™ communicate with?
A: H PASS communicated with Precise ParkLink's Pay-on-Foot SKIDATA and VarioFlex parking equipment as well as Precise ParkLink's Pay-and-Display parking meters.

Q: Does Precise ParkLink provide H PASS™ customer service?
A: Yes. Precise ParkLink provides an exclusive H PASS telephone line and email address for all H PASS user inquiries and card activations. For parking facilities with onsite parking staff, Precise ParkLink will provide H PASS training to ensure that staff are equipped to sell and activate H PASS cards and can address all user inquiries.

Q: Can an H PASS™ card be used at multiple parking facilities?
A: Yes. Your organizations can choose to program their H PASS to work across multiple locations.