Parking Attendants

Canada’s Parking Industry Leader and turnkey parking solution provider. Precise ParkLink’s customer service programs are developed using customer service and parking industry best practices, tailored to meet site-specific and client requirements. Using Precise ParkLink’s in-house Tech Know Training Lab an experienced professional in a workshop environment will train onsite parking attendants through situational-based scenarios. Precise ParkLink’s training programs for onsite parking attendants also include live practical sessions under the leadership of management and experienced personnel. Precise ParkLink will customize its customer-service training program to effectively address your specific parking operations and requirements. Our customer service workshops serve as a foundation for our onsite parking attendants ensuring they are prepared to operate and engage professionally and courteously. This also ensures the customer’s entry and/or exit to and from the facility is fast and efficient.


✓ Site specific training
✓ Parking industry best practices
✓ Immediate customer assistance
✓ An additional member of your team 


Q: If I have an onsite parking attendant(s) do I still have an Operation Manager?
A: Yes. You will have access to an Operation Manager who oversees the results of your onsite parking attendant(s) as well as the parking facility.

Q: Does Precise ParkLink’s onsite parking attendant(s) wear a uniform?
A: Yes. It is a mandatory requirement for Precise ParkLink’s onsite parking attendants to wear brand
specific uniforms.

Q: If my parking facility does not have a parking office for onsite parking attendants can Precise ParkLink provide and install one?
A: Yes.