Parking Attendants

Customer service excellence is the foundation upon which Precise evolved into Canada’s Parking Industry Leader and turnkey parking solution provider. Our customer service programs are developed using customer service and parking industry best practices, tailored to meet site-specific and client requirements. Using Precise in-house Tech Know Training Lab an experienced professional, in a workshop environment, will train onsite parking staff through situational-based scenarios. Our training programs for onsite parking staff also include live practical sessions under the leadership of management and experienced personnel. Precise will customize its customer-service training program to effectively address your specific parking operations and requirements. The following outlines the topics addressed in our customer service workshop (delivered to all Precise front line employees):

  • Know Your Client, Know Your Business
  • Overview of your parking operations
  • Understanding our client
  • Precise ParkLink
    • Company background
    • Headquarters
    • Types of locations managed
    • Services and products provided to customers
  • Your role as a front line employee
  • Creating A Positive First Impression
  • Parking facility appearance
  • Personal appearance
  • The Customer Is Key
  • Identifying Your Customer
  • What is customer service?
  • Customer expectations
  • Effective Communication
  • Foundations of successful interactions
  • Handling Customer Concerns
    • Lost tickets
    • Vehicle location assistance
    • Assistance with luggage
    • Escort to vehicle
    • Provide assistance when vehicle snowed-in
    • Car battery boost
    • Inquiries (e.g. Hours of operations, directions. parking rates)
  • Handling difficult people (e.g. angry, frustrated and irate customers)
  •  Providing professional and courteous service
  • When to escalate to senior staff

The Precise customer service workshop serves as a foundation for our onsite parking staff ensuring they are prepared to operate and engage professionally and courteously. This also ensures the customer’s entry and/or exit to and from the facility is fast and efficient.


✓ Site specific training
✓ Parking industry best practices
✓ Immediate customer assistance
✓ An additional member of your team 


Q: If I have onsite parking staff do I still have an Operation Manager?
A: Yes. You will have access to an Operation Manager who oversees the results of your onsite parking staff as well as the parking facility.

Q: Does Precise onsite parking staff wear uniforms?
Yes. It is a mandatory requirement for Precise onsite parking staff members to wear brand specific uniforms.

Q: If my parking facility does not have a parking office for onsite parking staff can Precise provide and install one?