Electrical services

Precise ParkLink’s division of in-house Licensed Master Electricians perform all installations and repairs for all of our parking systems. The Electrical division is directly involved in the product and parking equipment approval process, site requirements evaluation as well as field evaluation for clearance to deploy equipment.

Precise ParkLink’s in-house Electrical division eliminates the dependence on third party contractors, allowing Precise ParkLink to guarantee the highest service quality, our trademark within the Parking Industry and beyond.

Precise ParkLink is committed to the Health & Safety of its employees, partners, clients and their customers. We are continuously improving program and procedure efficiencies with a goal of accident-free environments. Health & Safety procedures are paramount to our planning and processes.

Electrical and Construction Safety Requirements:

  • Designated certifications
  • Designated uniform, including proper safety equipment (e.g., CSA-approved headgear and footgear)
  • Proper encasement procedures for zoning off work areas
  • Adequate notices to the public for restricted access during construction
  • Proper permit and inspection documentation


✓ Licenced Master Electricians oversee all electrical projects
✓ Certified licensed Field Management team
✓ Complete installation and support services by qualified staff
✓ Product approval process
✓ Site design
✓ Field evaluation
✓ Permits
✓ *ESA certification process


Q: Can Precise ParkLink’s Electrical division remove wire and equipment from my previous parking provider?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Precise ParkLink’s Electrical division provide electrical services in my parking lot that are beyond installing parking equipment?
A: Yes. At the client's request, Precise ParkLink's Electrical division will provide additional electrical services such as lighting.