Parking equipment maintenance services

Precise ParkLink’s ability to maintain, service and support its parking equipment and software solutions is unapparelled within the Canadian market. Substantial local equipment inventory and internal hardware along with more than 25 certified technicians with fully stocked and GPS tracked service vehicles, Precise ParkLink’s capacity to quickly and accurately provide equipment maintenance services is unbeatable. Precise ParkLink’s technicians are SKIDATA and Parkeon Strada certified for installation, maintenance and repairs. Precise ParkLink also provides on-going training workshops to maintain the highest level of expertise.

Precise ParkLink configures it’s equipment communicating all failures to the central monitoring station, staffed and operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. Upon generation of a failure alarm Precise creates a work order and dispatch our certified technicians. Defective components are replaced with tested and certified replacements, eliminating the need to remove, repair and replace the original unit.

Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment and maintenance service program is an ongoing, scheduled series of maintenance activities. It is based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule occurring outside of maintenance activities and as part of the warranty program. 


✓ Substantial local equipment inventory & hardware
✓ Certified technicians
✓ GPS tracked & fully stocked service vehicles
✓ Failures communication
✓ “NO LEMON” Policy


Q: What is Precise ParkLink’s “NO LEMON” policy?
A: If a machine cannot be repaired quickly through modular replacement, Precise ParkLink replaces the entire unit.

Q: What services does the 1 year warranty exclude?
A: The 1 year warranty excludes vandalism, accidents or improper system use.

Q: What services does the Silver Maintenance Package include?
The Silver Maintenance Package provides you with Precise ParkLink post-warranty and maintenance solution.