Precise ParkLink is committed to our customer’s parking facilities safety. As part of our commitment to our clients Precise ParkLink performs complete signage audits ensuring way-finding and parking instructions are thorough and user friendly. Precise ParkLink parking lot signage audits include existing signage inventory as well as recommendations for additional signage / modifications.

Our in-house SignLink™ team in collaboration with clients develop company specific and corporate branding signage package. Whether the operation requires the use of Pay-and-Display signage, Pay-on-Foot signage, and/ or directional and zone identification signage, Precise ParkLink designs, produces and installs attractive and functional signs at all sites. Over time our operations team routinely verifies all signs are in place, with uninterrupted service.

Having an in-house sign shop provides SignLink™ the capacity and resources to deliver products beyond signage. Precise ParkLink’s SignLink™ team provides the following services:

  • Marketing and design services consistent with company brand
  • Design, produce and install signage, decals, stickers and wrapping products for parking equipment and vehicles
  • Design and print swipe passes and hang tags


✓ Flexibility of in-house design, production and installation
✓ Expertise in parking and way-finding
✓ Competitive pricing
✓ Access to a SignLink™ e-catalogue


Q: Where is Precise ParkLink's SignLink™ and sign shop located?
A: The SignLink™ team and shop are located at Precise ParkLink's head office in Toronto.

Q: In addition to signs, what services does SignLink™ provide?

  • Decals for parking equipment and vehicles
  • Parking hang tags and swipe passes
  • Parking meter and pay station wraps for an alternative design
  • Signage audit services to ensure safe and clear way-finding instructions

Q: Why should I choose SignLink™?
SignLink™ services are exclusive to the parking industry, ensuring efficient expertise in way-finding and parking payment instructions. The team works at an advantage with an in-house shop collaborating with the operations and marketing departments.