Parking Revenue Financial Services

Precise ParkLink is the only Canadian parking management organization to garner a Level-1 (highest level) Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certification accrediting us to securely process parking revenue. With a technologically advanced facility and well-trained staff, Precise ParkLink's parking revenue financial services consists of:

  • Collecting revenue from your parking meters and/ or pay stations
  • Managing the parking revenue providing complete cash management solutions
  • Replenishing parking meters and/ or pay stations change
  • Securely transferring your parking revenue into your bank account

Precise ParkLink processes an annual volume of 800 million dollars of client parking revenue in credit card transactions alone. As a result, Precise ParkLink’s facility and parking revenue financial processes undergo several annual external audits ensuring our controls and procedures meet the financial industry’s stringent certification requirements. To maintain Level-1 PCI compliance Precise ParkLink also prepares a report pursuant to the Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416 Audit (formerly the CICA 5970 audit).

Financial processing rooms and bays’ physical access are secured through an access control scheme using secure electronic badges. Only verified “cash handling” staff have access. Cash Handling refers to end-to-end security, as well as collection and replenishment.


✓ Secure cash handling
✓ Level-1 PCI compliance (highest level)
✓ Revenue control and reporting
✓ Back office support for external clients meeting regulatory compliance standards


Q: Will Precise ParkLink collect and replenish coins and notes inserted in the parking equipment?

Q: Does Precise ParkLink adhere to safe and secure parking revenue control procedures?
Yes. Several annual external audits are performed ensuring our controls & procedures meet the financial industry’s stringent and certified requirements. Precise ParkLink regularly submits a report to the Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416 Audit.

Q: Is Precise ParkLink PCI compliant and certified?
Yes, Precise ParkLink has garnered Level-1 PCI certification, which is the highest level available