Precise ParkLink promotes a culture of safety on all fronts, both internally (through our Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) managing and improving organizational safety programs) and externally to our clients and their customers through the introduction of our ParkSafe™ program.

The ParkSafe™ program employs the following mitigating risk:

  • On-site audit and safety inspection
  • Comprehensive safety checklist completion
  • Photographic evidence
  • Written report
  • Recommendations and solutions presentation
  • Implementation of approved recommendations
  • Follow-up Inspection


Our ParkSafe™ inspection addresses the following aspects to ensure that our customer’s facilities operate under stringent safety standards:

✓ Electrical and Construction and Maintenance division Requirements
✓ Installation crew requirements
✓ Entry and exit column safety
✓ Barrier arm safety
✓ Parking equipment
✓ Way-finding signs
✓ Traffic control
✓ Certified lighting
✓ Site warning signs


Q: Why does my facility need to operate under safe conditions?
A: If an accident occurs on your premises, it could be a liability to your organization and hamper parking revenue flow. Keeping your facility as safe as possible will mitigate risk.

Q: What are some examples of ParkSafe™ solutions?
A: Proper signage ensuring vehicles and pedestrians safely use the facility

  • Traffic and speed control methods
  • Equipment, construction and electrical improvements for optimal safety

Q: Do I have to abide by all ParkSafe™ conclusions?
A: It is strongly recommended that you take into consideration the risk that may occur from outdated, weathered or damaged facility conditions. Keeping a current, well-maintained and safe parking facility will mitigate your risk. The decision on what measures to implement are the clients.