DG7 Strada Pay-by-License Plate Parking Equipment 

Precise ParkLink’s DG7 Strada Pay-by-License Plate solar powered and multi-spaced parking meter has been transformed into the most technologically advanced parking meter provided in the Canadian Parking Industry. The single unit parking meter’s ergonomic design requires a maximum installation space of only 11 square inches, while accepting and powering parking payments for up to 45 parking spaces. The parking meter’s Pay-by-License Plate function is enabled with an easy to use and seamless keyboard with advanced induction
keys programmed to communicate with the newly integrated large-sized and coloured LCD display screen.

The newly integrated screen on the DG7 Strada Pay-By-License Plate parking meter does not only power parking enforcement software and mobile payment applications but can also be used as an additional platform for promotional advertising. Providing a revolutionary leap forward for marketing and advertising campaigns, the newly integrated screen is beneficial for nearby retailers, property managers, restaurants, service providers, especially for those that are situated within a mixed -use development. The screen can currently display screensavers, commercials, demos, and applications for parking enforcement, mobile payment and visitor validations.


✓ Eliminates the necessity for displaying receipts on dashboards
✓ Unparalleled solar operation
✓ Reduced meter size to 11 square inches
✓ Highest security and cash handling features in the parking industry
✓ Coloured LCD display screen with various integratable applications
✓ Alarms connected to myParkfolio Central Management System


Q: Are the DG7 Strada Pay-by-License Plate parking meters seasonal?
Yes. Each DG7 parking meter is equipped for winter operations with a thermostatically controlled heater. From spring through fall the parking meter can run on solar power if desired.

Q: Does Precise ParkLink service and maintain the DG7 Strada Pay-by-License-Plate parking meter?
 Yes. Precise ParkLink’s Maintenance & Service division will regularly maintain and service the DG7 parking meter based on Parkeon maintenance requirements and schedule. The machines are constructed with easily removable components making subassemblies simple without major dismantling. Modules can be replaced without the use of tools. Electrical connections between these modules are made using connectors. Replacement of modules can be easily accomplished under all climatic conditions in less than five (5) minutes.

Q: What contributes to designating the DG7 Pay-by-Licence Plate parking meter as having the highest security cash handling features within the industry? 
 The DG7 parking meter has been designed to withstand all types of vandalism, and in particular attempted theft of cash contents. Precise ParkLink developed a machine with a built-in coin vault featuring no external access. This design provides the most secure cash storage compared to traditional “canvas cash bags”. Collection is completed using a transfer canister. All DG7 range terminals have been tested against the international security standard EN14450. This standard qualifies the level of resistance of a safe within the public domain and specific multiple techniques and procedures of physical break-in attempts for cash access. All DG7 terminals are certified by independent laboratories (CNPP and VdS). The system also includes real-time alarms alerting staff of authorization access to the door collections and maintenance activities.