Pre-Production & Testing Laboratories

Precise ParkLink is recognized for its revolutionary parking technology and equipment propelling the Canadian Parking market forward. Once seen as parking pioneers introducing automated Pay-and-Display parking meters to the Canadian market place, impacting on and off-street parking. Today Precise ParkLink is also known for its cutting edge Pay-on-Foot SKIDATA parking equipment.
As Canada’s exclusive Parkeon Strada and SKIDATA parking equipment distributor, Precise ParkLink takes pride in quality and sustainability. In addition to partnering with the most technologically advanced manufacturers our commitment to the provision of high performing equipment is executed through the following protocols prior to installation:

  1. Rigorous pre-production testing on Precise ParkLink’s equipment (e.g., in our Pay-on-Foot and Pay-and-Display Pre-Production Testing Labs)
  2. Client testing prior to launch in the Precise ParkLink’S Pre-Production Testing Laboratories
  3. On-site system testing immediately following installation


✓ Pre-Production & Testing Laboratories: Pay-on-Foot, Pay-and-Display, Refurbished DG4 Pay-and-Display Meter Program
✓ System testing according to certified criterion
✓ Client testing prior to installation
✓ System testing once installed
✓ Optional investment in refurbished parking equipment
✓ Sustainable hardware and work practise 


Q: Will the parking equipment be live when I choose to self test its performance in Precise ParkLink’s Pre-Production & Testing Laboratory?

Q: Will my organization be given a refurbished parking meter without my knowledge?
No. Precise ParkLink will only provide you with refurbished parking meter(s) if you choose to invest in this option.

Q: Is all of the parking equipment that is returned to Precise ParkLink refurbished?
No. Precise ParkLink evaluates all parking equipment components returned to Precise ParkLink. If the returned parking equipment meets the refurbishment and recirculation criterion, Precise ParkLink will set aside all components for use refurbishment inventory.

Q: Where are the Pre-Production & Testing Laboratories located?
The Pay-and-Display and Pay-on-Foot Pre-Production & Testing Laboratories are located at Precise ParkLink’s head office in Toronto. The refurbishment Pre-Production Testing Laboratory is located within five minutes of head office.