Skidata parking Equipment

Precise ParkLink is proud to be the exclusive distributor for SKIDATA Pay-on-Foot parking equipment in Canada offering the most technologically advanced, state-of-the art and user friendly parking equipment to the Canadian parking market. SKIDATA parking equipment welcomes you to the world of parking telematics a comprehensive ticketing solution with an intuitive touch operating under a “mobility today and tomorrow- because ‘just parking’ is a thing of the past” motto.

Precise ParkLink’s SKIDATA parking equipment is programmable for the following:

  • Single ticket dispensary
  • Integrated municipal, hospital, airport, hotel, long-term or validated passes
  • Accepting coin, notes, credit card, debit flash “tap and go” and mobile forms of payment
  • A payment method for charging electric vehicles
  • Generating transparent ratings and accurate reporting
  • Providing secure bicycle parking
  • Directly linking dynamic parking facility information (i.e, parkign availability)

Precise ParkLink’s SKIDATA parking equipment is the number one parking revenue solution at hospitals, airports, commercial properties, hotels, universities and colleges in Canada.


✓ Investment security with on our highest quality products and long standing service
✓ State-of the-art technology with regular cycles of system development
✓ System compatibility with external solutions
✓ Business intelligence with centralized data management
✓ Efficiency with intelligent remote monitoring and proactive service management
✓ Cost optimization with central administration and complete control over the entire facility


Q: What are the features of the integrated SKIDATA bar code reader?

  • Reservations
  • Contract parker identification
  • Short-term parking tickets
  • Validations
  • Follow-up discounts
  • Alert of successful reading through an array of green LED flashing lights
  • New mode for use on APM’s or Exit Column (reader stays active)
  • Firmware download through SKIDATA platform
  • New mode for passing serial number field instead of level data field
  • Mode changes possible through the SKIDATA platform

Q: Does the Barrier.Gate light up?
A: Yes. The SKIDATA Barrier.Gate can be illuminated with up to 3 colours linked to 3 different “boom” positions. Illuminated colours can be customized.

Q: What is SKIDATA’s most technologically advanced pay station?
A: The Power.Cash is the premium Pay-on-Foot pay station model meeting the highest demands in design, functionality, ergonomics, reliability and efficient service.

Q: Who can I contact to learn more about  SKIDATA parking products?