TelePark™ is a parking technology enabling the ability to pay for parking in real time using a mobile phone. After a user-friendly online registration at, the registered phone number is recognized every time it commands the TelePark™ Service system to Start and Stop parking. To fully use the Pay-by-Phone system a user can create an online profile to manage their account, providing the ability for account modifications and parking history access. Creating an online profile is optional. You do not need to create an online profile to use the TelePark™ mobile parking technology.


1. Go to 
2. On the left hand side, click on “Register for TelePark™ Services”
3. To register for TelePark™ Services, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Mobile phone number
  • Licence plate
  • Credit card
  • Email address
  • A maximum charge pay-out per transaction (should you forget to terminate your parking)

4. Upon completing your registration, you will receive a text message and email with your TelePark™ Account Number (parkcard number), at which time you can start parking by using your registered mobile phone.

5. In order to add more than one vehicle or phone number to the account, you will need to create an “online profile” to manage your account (left hand side at


✓ Simplified parking enforcement via a smartphone
✓ Ability to make parking payments from anywhere
✓ Ability to extend paid parking without returning to your vehicle
✓ Users can easily end their parking session (in real-time) using TelePark™
✓ Generates reminders prior to expiration


Q: How is TelePark™ a parker “self” management system?
A: All patrons can control parking payments and time used from a cell phone or online account.

Q: Can I register more than one vehicle under an account?
A: Yes. To register multiple vehicles under one credit card users must register and create an online account.

Q: What if I forget to terminate my parking period?
A: The user can determine in advance a maximum charge per transaction.

Q: Will I have to interact with the parking equipment if I use TelePark™?
A: An interaction with the parking equipment is not required with the use of TelePark™.