Precise ParkLink is proud to introduce V PARC™, Canada’s first two (2) -way video and voice parking communication software to assist parker’s needs. As the newest Precise development, V PARC™ technology builds on Precise ParkLink’s revolutionary customer service remote monitoring system, I PARC™. In addition to I PARCs™ attentive, knowledgeable and bilingual voice response 24-hours / seven days / 365, V PARC™ enables a two-(2) way video communication with Precise Customer Service Representatives (CSR), addressing a greater parking queries volume as well as reassurance within in less time. 


✓ Video-to-video  communications
✓ Two (2)-way voice communications
✓ 24/7/365
✓ Bilingual response
 ✓ Increased customer satisfaction
✓ Addresses more parking inquiries in less time


Q: Will your customers be able to see Precise P CSRs when they have a parking inquiry?
A: Yes. Both the CSR and customer will see one another when communicating, replicating an in-person interaction.

Q: How can two (2)-way video and voice communications increase customer satisfaction?
A: Two (2)-way video and voice communication, or V PARC™ provides greater customer satisfaction and reassurance in replicating an in-person interaction, providing the ability to put a face to the CSR name.

Q: Is the V PARC™ team bilingual?
A: Yes. Our V PARC™ representatives are trained in both English and French.

Q: How long does it take for a V PARC™ representative to respond?
A: V PARC™ representatives respond to customer calls within seconds.

Q: Will my customers have access to voice communications 24-hours a day using the call for assistance button?
A: Yes. Your facility will have access to customer service via two (2)-way video and voice communication, 24 hours a day.