parking Validation Solutions

Precise ParkLink is proud to be the exclusive Parkeon Strada parking equipment distributor in Canada. One of the most valuable Parkeon Strada components is the stand-alone Validation Terminal providing an ability to offer free / discounted parking for special visitors, VIPs, staff members, or merchants parking validation. The Validation Terminal also provides the ability to utilize, manage, retrieve, statistical and financial revenue reports, real-time alarms / alerts and keep exclusive vehicle counts.


✓ Creates codes
✓ Future dated code availability
✓ Activations and deactivations as necessary
✓ Remote parking payments
✓ Statistical analysis for code usage
✓ Compatibility with Pay-and-Display and Pay-by-Plate parking equipment


Q: Is the Validation Terminal easy to use?
Yes. The Validation Terminal is user-friendly for creating codes, real-time remote validation with a dashboard providing a view at glance of code usage.

Q: Can a Validation Terminal be stationed onsite for my team to issue parking validations?
Yes. The Validation Terminal can be supplied and installed at your facility.

Q: How does the Validation Terminal work?
The Validation Terminal applies the discounted / complimentary rate within the parking ticket’s magnetic stripe printed and retrieved upon entry to the facility. Once at a pay station / exit terminal for payment, the discount / complimentary rate is displayed upon validation insertion.

Q: How can I keep manage my parking validations?
Each discount used is tracked within the Parkeon Strada server with the associated details such as discount type, value, merchant, etc.