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Southwest One

…Superior to Our Last Parking Provider

Southwest One is a 17-acre mixed-use residential and commercial complex in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Located roughly 10 km. from the downtown core, the Southwest One complex spans a large city block directly across from Lakeshore General Hospital. Located between two major expressways and a few minutes’ drive from Montreal International Airport, Southwest One includes 662 residential units, a medical center, and ancillary retail stores. It was conceived as a self- contained and integrated community with extensive on-site amenities and a wide range of residential unit  types  to suit all life stages. During the week, the plaza receives an average of over 1,200 parking users a day.

Mr. Michael Camacho, Supervisor at Southwest One, has overseen the facility operations for more than 10 years. Southwest One chooses to subcontract large specialized projects, as is the case with parking,” he says. “Precise ParkLink’s products and services have exceeded the expectations at Southwest One. Their services are superior to those of our last parking provider. Their parking equipment far exceeds the previous token system we utilized.”

Tenant, Customer & Guest Parking

“In the past,” says Camacho, “patients and visitors of Lakeshore General Hospital would manipulate Southwest One’s previous token system to avoid paying the hospital’s parking fees. Precise ParkLink’s SkiData Pay-on-Foot parking system has stopped this from happening, which has helped us ensure available parking for our tenants, their customers/guests, and benefit from increased parking revenue.” How would Camacho describe Precise ParkLink’s Pay-on-Foot equipment? “User friendly, efficient, and uncomplicated,” he says. “It works.”

It took time for tenants to adapt to the change, but they’re happy with  the new parking system. “Precise ParkLink’s parking system has made it easier for everyone at Southwest One,” says Camacho. “There’s now available parking for their customers and guests.” Not only that, but Precise ParkLink’s IPARC service allows Southwest One to offer 24-7 customer service to its clientele at a minimal cost with the simple press of a button on the parking equipment.

There’s been little equipment downtime, too. “Precise ParkLink’s equipment maintenance service division responds very fast—by end of the day or first thing the next morning,” says Camacho. “Even some of my general contractors don’t respond that fast!”

Final Words

“Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment is great,” says Camacho. “Southwest One is proud to have invested in the same parking equipment as the Montreal International Airport. We believe that if it’s good enough for an international airport, then it should be standard across Quebec. Southwest One plans to recommend Precise ParkLink in the future.”


- Mr. Michael Camacho, Supervisor
   Southwest One

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