City of Kamloops’ Parking Solution

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A Vibrant City

The City of Kamloops is located in British Columbia’s (BC) Southern Interior and is known as Canada’s Tournament Capital.  The City attracts residents and visitors alike who enjoy the vibrant art community the City has to offer.  No matter the time of year, the City of Kamloops always has something exciting to offer. 

Partnering with Parking Experts

The City of Kamloops needed a parking partner that could not only help them update their old parking equipment and technology, they were also looking for a partner with a proven track record that had a local office in BC.  

The City of Kamloops choose to partner with Precise ParkLink because we are Canada’s parking industry leader, have been in business for over 30 years, and have a local presence in the City of Kamloops.   

The Province’s Largest Pay-by-License Plate Installation

The partnership between the City of Kamloops and Precise ParkLink is marked as being the largest installation of Pay-by-License Plate parking meters in the BC province.  The City’s first Pay-by-License Plate meter was installed in 2013 and has since grown to become a portfolio of 110 parking meters, installed for both on- and off-street parking.

A Parking Solution That Connects to Third Party Software

When the City of Kamloops released their tender for parking equipment they sought to partner with an organization that could, in addition to providing reliable parking meters, satisfy their unique criteria of creating a real-time connection between the parking equipment and the third-party virtual parking enforcement software Genetec AutoVu’s™.

A main factor as to why they chose to partner with Precise ParkLink’s Pay-by-License Plate parking meters, was because of Precise ParkLink’s in-house Research and Development team. Precise ParkLink had the in-house resources and capacity to innovate a software solution that enabled its parking meters to communicate directly with the City’s third-party parking enforcement system, creating a seamless connection.

The Results

Precise ParkLink and the City of Kamloops have been parking partners for ten years. The City of Kamloops’ investment in Pay-by-License Plate and Pay-and-Display parking meters, along with integrated technology, a maintenance package to sustain their parking equipment, dynamic parking signage, and Whoosh! Pay-by-Phone app has proven to be successful.

Precise ParkLink’s parking solutions has allowed the City to increase the number of parking spaces available to residents and visitors resulting in a parking revenue increase for the City.

What Is The City Of Kamloops’ Parking Solution?

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