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Durham College’s Commitment to The Student Experience

Durham College’s focus is on increasing student opportunities and paving unique educational pathways by offering a variety of programs and building relationships with external organizations—Precise ParkLink included. In addition to our parking management services, Precise ParkLink is honoured to have partnered with several programs at Durham College that involve mentorship and co-op positions to help facilitate student learnings. “Precise ParkLink’s responsiveness and focus on customer service matches the college’s commitment to service our students as best we can,” says Ross Carnwith, Manager of Ancillary Services at Durham College.

Full Confidence in Precise ParkLink

“I manage about eight lines of business for Durham College and only have to spend about 20% of my day-to-day focussing on parking,” explains Carnwith. “That’s because Precise ParkLink provides an end-to-end parking solution. They know what they are doing.”

Recently, Durham College upgraded its parking meters with Precise ParkLink’s Power Series. “The new meters are very good,” says Carnwith. “Our students and visitors find them fairly easy to use, and malfunctions are very infrequent.” Durham College has chosen to upgrade its SkiData Pay-on-Foot system by adding debit as an accepted form of payment. “We recently entered a maintenance agreement with Precise ParkLink and the results have been great.”

Final Words

“The team at Precise ParkLink has been excellent. I have full confidence in the company as an end-to-end parking solutions provider. “The way Durham College sees it, Precise ParkLink isn’t just a supplier. They’re a partner, too.”


- Ross Carnwith, Manager of Ancillary Services
   Durham College

What Is Durham College's Parking Solution?

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