The Certified Series

A world-class sustainable parking solution saving 300,000+ lbs. of waste per year.


Can’t You See It’s Green?

The Certified Series is a sustainable solution unleashing the full power of our devices with upgraded technology integrations. When returned to our Innovation and Production Centre devices are revitalized with enhanced operating systems that are central to the user experience.

The Certified Series consists of superior hardware and software surpassing brand new units; showcasing Precise ParkLink’s commitment to sustainability involving reduced energy consumption and minimal-waste production methods while promising superior technology and functionality.


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Sustainable Parking Solutions


EV Charging Stations

We offer smart EV charging stations feeding the EV community. Stations notify drivers when they’re fully charged to control use.


Installing LED lighting is standard practice on our end. Our electrical team can assist with lighting retrofits for low energy consumption.

Solar Parking Meters

Our parking meters operate autonomously using solar power and wireless communications reducing electrical use and output.

Painting and Signage

Having an in-house sign shop and construction team allows us to control the products and production methods we use for your parking facility.

Shuttle & Carpooling

We encourage ride sharing commutes. In most of our parking facilities shuttle services and car pooling rewards are offered as an incentive to drivers.

The certified Series

Saving the environment one device at a time, The Certified Series— developed by Precise ParkLink— saves 300,000+ lbs. of waste from landfills per year.


EnviroLink Policy

As a leader in the Canadian parking and urban mobility industry Precise ParkLink values environmental sustainability. Precise ParkLink is committed to minimize its impact on the environment on all fronts, both internally with its employees and externally with our customers and partners.

Introducing the EnviroLink™ Program in 2005, Precise ParkLink abides by environmentally friendly work practices and is committed to actively work with our partners to reduce their carbon footprint. Our EnviroLink™ Program ensures that Precise ParkLink:

  • Minimizes waste by evaluating operations and ensuring maximum efficiency

  • Sources and promotes a product range that will minimize negative environmental impacts during production and distribution

  • Actively promotes environmentally sustainable practices both internally with our employees and externally with our partners

  • Develops procurement standards that ensure all products and services align with our EnviroLink Program objectives

  • Meets or exceeds all environmental legislations that relate to the nature of our work

Precise ParkLink will set fourth every effort to ensure that it’s performance sustains the environment.


Peter Groccia
President & CEO