The Certified Series

A world-class sustainable parking solution saving 300,000+ pounds of waste from landfills per year.


Can’t You See It’s Green?

The Certified Series is a sustainable solution unleashing the full power of our devices with upgraded technology integrations. When returned to our Innovation and Production Centre devices are revitalized with enhanced operating systems that are central to the user experience.

The Certified Series consists of superior hardware and software surpassing brand new units; showcasing Precise ParkLink’s commitment to sustainability involving reduced energy consumption and minimal-waste production methods while promising superior technology and functionality.

  • Sleek Anti-Graffiti Exterior

  • Wider Network Coverage

  • Reduced Power Consumption

  • Accelerated Transaction Speed

  • Longer Life Cycle and Improved Mean Time Between Failures

  • Extended Warranty

  • Level-1 PCI Compliance

  • Technical Upgrades

  • Credit Card Degrade Mode

  • Replacement of Internal Components,
    Harnesses, Seals and EPROMs


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Sustainable Parking Solutions

The Ultimate Approach to
Sustainable Parking is Available to You

With their large expanses of concrete and asphalt, parking lots may seem like the antithesis of sustainability. But parking operations actually present a number of opportunities to introduce sustainable initiatives that contribute to an organization’s environmental goals. At Precise ParkLink, we believe in the importance of preserving the environment for the next generation, and we understand the importance of incorporating sustainability into daily parking operations.

EV Charging.png


Our chargers that connect EV drivers. To promote turnover and control usage, our EV stations notify drivers when their vehicles are fully charged.

Energy Efficient.png


Installing LED lighting is standard practice on our end. Our electrical team can assist with lighting retrofits for low energy consumption.

Solar Parking meter.png


Our parking meters operate autonomously using solar power and wireless communications. Electrical use and output are greatly reduced. 

Sign Link.png


Having an in-house sign shop and construction team means we can control the products and production methods used at your parking facility. 

Shuttle - carpooling.png


We encourage ride sharing. In fact, at most of our parking facilities, we offer shuttle services and carpooling rewards as incentives for drivers.

Certified Series.png


Saving the environment one device at a time, The Certified Series™  we’ve developed saves 300,000+ pounds of waste from landfills every single year.