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The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) is Canada’s largest convention centre, and is located in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core. The venue neighbours attractions such as the Air Canada Centre, the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower and in addition to their own events processes event parking for the surrounding buildings. “Our parking operations are multi-faceted as we deal with both our guests and guests to surrounding venues. The MTCC works to maintain the highest standards possible for parking operations, as we do with the entire convention centre. We offer the best customer service and most efficient and seamless parking operations,” explains Mr. Vince Quattrociocchi, Vice President of Operations at the MTCC.

Increased Parking Revenue & Equipment That Far Exceeds Others

The MTCC has chosen to install Precise ParkLink’s SkiData A Pay-on-Foot parking equipment. As Mr. Quattrociocchi has been with the MTCC for eighteen years he explains that, “Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment is now the third parking system that we have put into the parking garage, and it far exceeds every other parking equipment that we have installed”. Mr. Quattrociocchi goes on to mention that he is “very impressed with how Precise ParkLink tests every component of the parking equipment in their Pre-Production Laboratories before it is delivered to the MTCC. Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment service department is outstanding”.

Mr. Quattrociocchi also reveals that the MTCC’s parking revenue has increased, “because the MTCC is driving more business with the Pay-on-Foot parking equipment than ever have before. The reason this is occurring is because the parking equipment works. Therefore, when people use it, they are not frustrated. Whereas with the past parking installations at the MTCC, we had issues with the parking equipment not working properly and had to deal with a higher level of frustration”.

“The People That Stand Behind The Product”

In addition to the quality of the parking equipment the MTCC chose to switch their parking provider to Precise ParkLink for the excellent “quality of service and the people that stand behind the product. Precise ParkLink is a team that works hard to be successful, provides excellent communication, is responsive and is both detail and action oriented. The management team is outstanding,” explains Mr. Quattrociocchi.

A Turnkey Parking Solution

When Mr. Quattrociocchi was asked what Precise ParkLink should do differently, his response was, “frankly, I cannot think of anything that Precise ParkLink can do better. Precise ParkLink offers parking services that their competitors don’t offer, or offer to a lesser degree. The MTCC really appreciates that Precise ParkLink is a multi-facet parking organization, turnkey parking solution and one-stop-shop for all services associated with parking, in addition to providing excellent parking equipment”.

Mr. Quattrociocchi plans to learn more about Precise ParkLink’s value-add services such as landscaping, snow-removal and line painting.

Final Words

“I am so pleased and proud that the MTCC chose to work with Precise ParkLink; I am more than pleased to promote Precise ParkLink because their parking equipment works! Precise ParkLink does a great job. The parking equipment is well built, easy-to-use and requires very few repairs. The parking equipment service department and management team are outstanding. The whole operation really services the MTCC’s needs. Precise ParkLink provides the MTCC with everything we need to run a parking service for our customers and a major downtown parking operations successfully”.


- Mr. Vince Quattrociocchi, Vice President of Operations
  Metro Toronto Convention Centre

What Is The MTCC's Parking Solution?

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