Humber River Hospital



The most important goal for Humber River Hospital (HRH) is to satisfy its patients. Mr. Michael Orrico, the Director of Emergency Preparedness states that, “All of our programs and services are patient centred and focused, this includes parking. It is important for us to give our visitors a good first impression, this being one of the reasons why we chose to work with Precise ParkLink. Parking is the first impression our visitors have when they arrive at HRH. In our eyes, Precise ParkLink is the Industry Leader in parking, especially when it comes to working with hospitals. Precise ParkLink not only meets Humber River’s expectations, but exceeds them, especially when it comes to visitor and patient parking”.


HRH is home to North America’s first fully digital hospital. Mr. Orrico mentions that the hospital continues to renew its contract with Precise ParkLink “because they are always advancing in parking technology and keep up with industry standards. Humber River gets the latest and the greatest”.

HRH has chosen to extend digitization to the parking lots with Precise ParkLink’s SkiData Pay-on-Foot and Pay-and-Display parking equipment. In addition to the parking equipment HRH has invested in Precise ParkLink’s Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System        (I PASS™)-  monthly parking and Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (I PARC™)- remote monitoring customer service centre. Precise ParkLink’s Licence Plate Recognition software is an additional feature used to enhance the patient and visitor parking experience as it allow parkers to quickly locate a vacant parking spot as well as identify where they parked their vehicle!


Working in a hospital environment requires extensive availability, flexibility and compassion. Mr. Orrico explains that “one of the most important things when it comes to a parking company is for them to understand their clients. Precise ParkLink is aware of the conditions a hospital operates under and is able to work under our circumstances and within our 24/7 timeframe”.

For example, “Precise ParkLink’s Construction & Maintenance division is very professional and courteous. Because they have experience in the healthcare industry, they know how to deal with our patients and visitors in a positive way”. In addition to the Construction team, Precise ParkLink’s Enforcement team “is so good that I get complaints. They are on the ball” Mr. Orrico says smiling. He continues by saying that “the reason HRH allows Precise ParkLink to invoice is because we have the flexibility to mitigate penalties and ensure that our patients are the primary focus”.


“We consider Precise ParkLink to be a partner. We’ve been using Precise ParkLink for the past 16 years and have just entered into a new contract with them. Along the way, they have expressed their interest in supporting the HRH and assisted us with unique situations that require problem solving. Precise ParkLink understands how we operate as an organization. Their work, service and finished products create a reliable system that is run by professionals”.


Mr. Michael Orrico,
Director of Emergency Preparedness

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