Ottawa International Airport



When it comes to passenger traffic, Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport is the second busiest airport in Ontario, and the sixth busiest airport in Canada. In 2017 alone, 4.8 million passengers travelled through the Ottawa airport.


In 2012, the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) was looking to invest in a new parking solution — one that would help regulate traffic flow by giving visitors and service providers easy and quick access to airport facilities, all the while meeting the goals that all airports share when it comes to parking: top-notch security and maximized revenue.

In 2012, the OIAA partnered with Precise ParkLink, the exclusive North American distributor of Canada’s most technologically advanced parking equipment — SkiData Pay-on-Foot technology. Integrated with this SkiData system was TagMaster, a hands-free vehicle remote access control system and vehicle transponder that would grant access to only airport-approved vehicles. 

Here’s how it works. When arriving at the parking gate, pre-approved vehicles equipped with transponders are scanned and granted permission to access in a matter of seconds. Precise ParkLink paired its parking equipment with TagMaster — a third-party software — which enabled the airport to mitigate traffic congestion and provide regular visitors with a simple and fast way of getting in and out of the airport.


Since partnering with Precise ParkLink, Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport has been able to improve traffic flow, maintain top-notch security, create convenience for regular visitors, and increase parking revenue. 

Precise ParkLink also provides the airport with a monthly parking solution for airport staff, ongoing maintenance and technical support for its parking system, and financial processing and reporting for its parking revenue

Since then, our R&D team has become an invaluable resource that has nearly tripled in size, and is accountable for developing revolutionary parking technologies that continue to propel the Canadian parking market forward. Our R&D resources and cutting-edge products are now available for all Precise ParkLink customers to benefit from.

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