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Quinte Health Care is an integrated healthcare system that consists of four hospitals that work to provide exceptional care to the people of their communities. Their vision is to be valued by their communities by providing exceptional and compassionate care. In 2012, Quinte Healthcare launched a five year strategic plan with one of their core directions being to “Create An Exceptional Patient Experience”. Mr. Joseph Mancuso, the Director of Support Services & General Manager at Quinte Healthcare emphasizes that, “parking at Quinte Healthcare is experienced by both patients and visitors. Quinte Healthcare’s vision to provide an exceptional experience extends to all of the services that we provide, and this includes parking”.


Quinte Healthcare chose to work with Precise ParkLink “because at the end of the day you need a professional to do their job and hospitals are not in the parking business” Mr. Mancuso explains. “Parking is a crucial service to us because we depend on the revenue generation to be able to provide an exceptional patient experience”. With that being said, Mr. Mancuso continues, “part of the reason why Quinte Healthcare chose to work with Precise ParkLink is because “Precise ParkLink has a good reputation within the healthcare industry”. 

To help provide an exceptional experience for patients Quinte Healthcare has chosen to invest in Precise ParkLink’s Pay-on-Foot SkiData parking equipment and Pay-and-Display parking equipment. Mr. Mancuso explains that “the equipment has had a couple of upgrades, however Precise ParkLink has always notified us a head of time and planned everything perfectly”. Mr. Mancuso goes onto mention that ”although Quinte Healthcare is not in the main cusp of Toronto- where Precise ParkLink’s Headquarters is located-- the service of our parking equipment has been completed accurate and on time”. Precise ParkLink also provides Quinte Healthcare with onsite parking staff who Mr. Mancuso believes to be “A huge values to Quinte Healthcare”. He explains that “the parking manager is located at our main entrance. Every single visitor who enters through the main entrance is welcomed by her. She not only fulfills her duties as a parking attendant but also directs and answers any questions that patients and visitors may have”.

In addition to an onsite parking manager, Quinte Healthcare utilizes Precise ParkLink’s Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (I PARC™)- a 24 hours remote monitoring and customer service centre- to assist with customer questions during peak times and after hours. Mr. Mancuso expresses that he is “very impressed with Precise ParkLink’s responsiveness and software tracking and statistical capabilities...I requested a report regarding the usage of the parking lot and received a very detailed report the following day. To be able to have statistical information like this at our finger tips is fantastic”.


When asked if Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment and management services have helped Quinte Healthcare exceed it’s revenue goals Mr. Mancuso’s answer was “Absolutely. We have redesigned our parking lots with Precise ParkLink to maximize revenue. At the same time we have chosen to invest in the specific parking equipment at specific locations to reduce our expenses”. Mr. Mancuso goes on to mention that “Precise ParkLink’s professionalism has taken the parking industry to a very, very high-tech and professional service”.


“Quinte Healthcare has a very inclusive management style. We are as seamless as possible with all of our staff, including our contracted staff. Our parking manager is not viewed as an external person to the organization; she’s viewed as being a part of the team and gets involved in our community and committees. Our partnership with Precise ParkLink is reflected through our daily operations rather than meeting once or twice a month”.


Mr. Joseph Mancuso,
Director of Support Services & General

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