Rogers Centre


The Rogers Centre is a monumental, multi-purpose stadium located in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, nesting directly beside the City’s iconic CN Tower. The stadium is best known for being home to Canada’s only Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Toronto Blue Jays, and for its fully-retractable motorized roof which can open during favourable weather conditions for fans to enjoy. 



Prior to 2003, the Rogers Centre was partnered with a parking provider that was unable to maintain or provide technical service for their parking equipment. Subsequently, their parking equipment malfunctioned so frequently that it became no longer operable and was unable to collect revenue for the stadium.

As a result, the Rogers Centre sought to partner with a parking organization that offered both the highest quality parking equipment, and the ability to regularly service and maintain the technology to its full operating capabilities. Their focus was not only to gain parking revenue, but also to install a parking system that was able to accommodate the high volumes of traffic that flow in and out of the stadium every day.


Shortly after our partnership began with the Rogers Centre, the City of Toronto implemented a new by-law that no longer permitted busses to pick-up or drop-off passengers near the stadium.  In spite of this, however, busses continued to pick-up and drop-off fans at the stadium on a regular basis.

As a solution to the newly imposed bylaw, Precise ParkLink’s in-house Research and Development team created a bus parking reservation system that enabled busses to reserve and pay for parking at the Rogers Centre in advance. This accommodation has allowed for continued bus services to the Rogers Centre which now operates fully within Toronto’s by-laws. The concurrent result is improved bus service, happy fans and an additional source of parking revenue for the Rogers Centre.


Precise ParkLink’s partnership with the Rogers Centre has not only resulted in increased parking revenue, but also ensures a parking system that is able to accommodate the heavy flow of traffic that travels in-and-out of the stadium each day.

Investing in state-of-art SkiData parking equipment, and having the additional ‘safety net’ of on-call and readily available maintenance and technical service if ever required, allows the Rogers Centre to have a parking system that gives peace of mind at the fraction of the cost.

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