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As a premier academic healthcare organization, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) is committed to making a difference in people’s lives, “and this includes their parking experience”, says Ms. Lisa Ciancone, the Manager of Parking & Internal Transportation at SJHH. “We recognize how vital the first encounter with a hospital may be. Working in partnership with Precise ParkLink has enabled SJHH to raise the parking experience to a new level. Together SJHH and Precise ParkLink have been able to ensure that SJHH provides quality patient care, which begins with parking for patients and their families”.


Ms. Ciancone reveals that SJHH chose to put a tender out for an alternative parking system as they needed to “expand on and improve the services that were previously provided”. Throughout the tender and interview process “SJHH saw a huge difference between Precise ParkLink’s parking equipment and services compared to their competitors. It was like night and day. Precise ParkLink functions smoothly, with the expectations of the management team being that everyone has their role, knows what to do, and carries out their work function to the best of their ability”.


Previously SJHH’s parking system was managed by two separate parking entities. Ms. Ciancone explains that working with Precise ParkLink “is very efficient and effective as all of their services are completed and provided in-house”.

SJHH chose to invest in Precise ParkLink’s complete parking management package. They utilize SkiData Pay-on-Foot system in conjunction with the Pay-and-Display parking meters. To enhance their equipment, SJHH has also chosen to invest in Precise ParkLink’s Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System (I PASS™)- a cloud-based monthly parking subscriber system and Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (I PARC™)- a remote monitoring customer service centre, and onsite parking staff. 

“Understanding the time constraints within the healthcare industry, Precise ParkLink is responsible for the daily parking operations at SJHH, providing exceptional management services. The technical response received when a concern arises is efficient, friendly and fast”.

In addition to Precise ParkLink’s technology, SJHH works with Precise ParkLink’s Construction & Maintenance team for services such as parking equipment & electrical installation, garage cleaning, dry sweeping and asphalting. “Considering the amount of infrastructure that had to be done, the team was great. They cleaned up after themselves, parked where they needed to, knew their job, what they were responsible for and got it done” Ms. Ciancone explains.

SJHH also utilizes Precise ParkLink’s in-house SignLink™ team. Ms. Ciancone points out that “SJHH has a lot of signage”. She goes on to mention that “the signage that Precise ParkLink has provided SJHH with is exceptional. It’s clear, easy to understand, and can be any size I want. The sign service is speedy, done correctly and SJHH has encountered no problems or mistakes”.


“Precise ParkLink understands the importance of ensuring a continuously smooth parking operation. The team is excellent at problem solving and very pro-active. Our Operation Manager provides us with the expertise and guidance SJHH needs to achieve its goals; something our last parking provider failed to do” Ms. Ciancone explains.

“Precise ParkLink has been pivotal to the successful operation of our parking system.  Together, Precise ParkLink and SJHH have forged a partnership where Precise ParkLink ensures that SJHH’s vision remains at the forefront”.  Ms. Ciancone goes on to explain that “Precise ParkLink understands, is aware of and anticipates our need even before SJHH does”.


Ms. Ciancone reveals that since SJHH has begun working with Precise ParkLink, “we have managed to exceed our parking revenue goal which is directed back o patient care”. At this point everything is exactly how SJHH wants things to be. I cannot think of anything that Precise ParkLink could do differently and I look forward to expanding our services down the road”.


“Our partnership with Precise ParkLink has enabled SJHH to provide the latest in parking technology and remains ahead of current industry standards. The entire team has gone well above and beyond to ensure that SJHH is pleased with every aspect that Precise ParkLink provides”.


Ms. Lisa Ciancone,
Manager of Parking & Internal Transportation

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