Toronto Parking Authority



The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) is a public corporation owned by the City of Toronto. The TPA operates municipal off-street parking facilities as well as on-street metered parking in Toronto. The TPA’s goal is to provide parking that is safe, attractive, self-sustaining, conveniently located, and competitively priced. Recognized as a world leader in parking technology services, the TPA has been successful in ensuring that businesses in the areas continue to grow and that surrounding neighbourhoods remain vibrant. More commonly known as Green P, the TPA has become a staple in Toronto.


The TPA’s partnership with Precise ParkLink, which dates back to 1998, marks the first deployment of pay-and-display parking meters in Canada. This partnership also represents the third-largest deployment of pay-and-display technology in the world. Together, the TPA and Precise ParkLink are known as the pioneers of pay-and-display parking meters in Canada.   


Environmental sustainability is a core value for both Precise ParkLink and the TPA. In fact, as part of our internal EnviroLink program, which aims to minimize our impact on the environment, Precise ParkLink runs a DGgreen remanufacturing program. We do a complete inspection and functionality test on the interior and exterior components of pay-and-display meters that have reached the end of their lifecycle. Then, we refurbish them at our facility and put them back out on the streets.

This investment in reconditioning products, major components and lean manufacturing solutions allows us to recover 90% of returned material. 

To date, our remanufacturing program has saved 1,950 tons (equivalent to 3,900,000 pounds) of waste from being disposed.


Precise ParkLink has been providing TPA with pay-and-display meters for over two decades, along with ongoing equipment technical maintenance, signage, financial services and myParkfolio, a central management parking tool.  The success has allowed the TPA to transfer 75% of the revenue generated from pay-and-display machines to the City of Toronto.

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