Full-Service Parking Solutions

Full-Service is what Separates us From Other Parking Providers.


Everything You Need In One Place.

What’s unique about Precise ParkLink is that we’re a full-service parking organization. That means we don’t waste time and money outsourcing the “extras” to third parties. We’re one-stop for everything parking related.

As a vertically integrated company, Precise ParkLink is in a unique position. We’re the only turnkey parking solutions provider in Canada, meaning we bundle all parking-related services into one single package. We offer parking management services, technology and equipment, construction and maintenance, and revenue services—all under one roof.

Simply put, we can take on any parking lot from start to finish. We’ll develop and test the technology, install the equipment, manage and market the parking operations, and safely process your revenue.


Parking Management

Our operating model is based on a foundation of qualified individuals trained in supporting the technology managing the service. We have streamlined the staff volume and qualifications supporting our systems to ensure your day-to-day parking operations are smooth and profitable.


Parking Equipment

Our parking equipment solutions are based on a fully automated parking systems. By leveraging our ability to remotely interact with customers and the parking systems, we do not need to allocate dedicated on-site staff. We have the ability to provide you with the ultimate in customer care, at a fraction of the cost. Simply put, customer service is available to your customers at the push of a button.


Parking Technology

Precise ParkLink is a big believer in bridging the gap between parking technology and management services. We’ve seen firsthand how automated operations drastically enhance the customer experience. In fact, 98% of our transactions are successfully managed by technology, and we even host our own technical services division and research and development department.


Revenue Processing

Precise Parking processes over 800 million transactions per year transactions. We process and manage transactions that include cash/coin, invoicing, credit card payments and debit card payments. We provide cash handling and credit/debit gateway solutions in-house. Our in-house solution provides an unmatched level of support, accountability and security in processing payments.


Construction & Maintenance

Precise ParkLink can also design and implement the parking lot—just how you want it. We’re pleased to host a fully independent construction and maintenance division that specializes in lot design and logistics, and ensures your entire solution is engineered to operate efficiently. We have extensive experience in successfully re-engineering parking facilities.


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