Precise ParkLink Hops on the 'LinkedIn Bandwagon'

In June, 2016, Microsoft Corp. acquired LinkedIn Corporation for the largest acquisition in its history- 26.2 billion dollars. Microsoft plans to enhance the network with features that will allow businesses to rely on the platform for both internal and external communication.

As Canada’s Parking Industry Leader Precise ParkLink is recognized nation-wide and represents Canada world-wide. In response to Microsoft's gesture Precise ParkLink has decided to reinforce its national and global reputation by hopping on the “LinkedIn Bandwagon”. We have done so by launching a LinkedIn brand standard for our employees across Canada to embrace. The brand standard includes the company description, header photo and a professional head shot. Precise ParkLink has offered all employees the tools to implement these brand standards and has provided all employees with the opportunity to take a professional head shot at no cost.

Precise ParkLink Staff Members Take LinkedIn Head Shots

Precise ParkLink plans to utilize LinkedIn as an additional form of communication with clients to share news on our services, products and new innovations. We will also continue to use our company LinkedIn page to share general news with our employees and to the public.

For employee instructions on how to implement Precise ParkLink's LinkedIn brand standards, click here.

To obtain the LinkedIn profile header image, click here.

To find out when Precise ParkLink will be offering professional head shots for its employees in the future, please contact Maria Lato at

Maria Lato