Urgent Notification: Canadian 3M Federal APD Owners

sKIDATA AG, the outright buyer of 3M Federal aPD Software has Created a proprietary middleware that allows for a clean migration from previous 3M federal APD software to SKIDATA's state-of-the-art PCI Compliant software.

As the exclusive canadian distributor for sKIDATA AG precise ParkLink is the Designated contact for current 3M federal aPD Owners & Operators in Canada.

SKIDATA AG has purchased the rights to all 3M Federal APD software. As the outright buyer of 3M Federal APD software SKIDATA AG  has developed a proprietary middleware that allows current 3M Federal APD owners to protect their investment. As the exclusive Canadian distributor for SKIDATA AG Precise ParkLink is prepared to assist Canadian 3M Federal APD owners and operators with:

  • A clean migration of Scan Net and EFMS software to SKIDATA's state-of-the-art PA-DSS V 3.2 validated application Parking.Logic
  • Cost savings as the software migration does not require hardware replacement
  • Parking software that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to avoid the risk of credit card data security breach, malware and financial penalties

Please be advised that if using 3M Federal APD parking software (EFMS or Scan Net) to process credit card transactions the required 6* of the PCI guidelines are not being met and as a result your software is prone to data security breaches, malware and high financial penalties:

  • The non-compliance fines by credit card companies and acquirers can reach $100,000 per month with credit card data security breach fines amounting up to $90 per cardholder
  • According to the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Data Breach Study, the cost of an average data breach in 2016 was $7.01 million
  • The lack of software maintenance of 3M software (Scan Net and EFMS) may also lead to risks such as viruses (i.e., WannaCry), data leaks and non-compatibility with MasterCard’s recent BIN range change

As Canada’s parking industry leader Precise ParkLink is committed to deliver secure and integrated parking technology that continues to propel the Canadian parking market forward.

If you are a current owner or operator of 3M Federal APD parking software in Canada contact Precise ParkLink to protect your investment. 



Maria Lato