Electric Car Charging Stations

The CPE200 is the most advanced electric car charging station in the industry. With this newest generation of DC fast chargers, property owners can attract new customers to their business by providing them a short recharging stop before getting back on the road and on to their destination. CPE200 owners benefit from:

  • Being able to set specialized pricing policies and access controls

  • Making their electric charging stations visible to thousands of electric car drivers

  • Generate usage and energy reports

  • Receive 24/7 support to electric car drivers by the ChargePoint Support team, and industry-leading station service products and support

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Innovative Features

The CPE200 DC fast charger has several innovative features that set it apart from other models. 


A 50kW output station that charges at a maximum rate of 200 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour).


With both a CHAdeMO and SAE ComboConnector, you can serve all EVs with fast charging capabilities with a single charging station.

Form Factor

At only 13 inches deep and one-third the weight of other dual connector DC stations, you’ll have flexibility in installation and the price to ship and install is significantly lower.

Low Maintenance Costs

Cut maintenance costs with the only liquid cooled DC fast charger on the market. Instead of replacing fans and air filters several times a year, the CPE200 coolant will last up to 10 years and is easily replaced.


With the ability to identify and repair problems remotely, the ChargePoint Support team will be able to minimize downtime should any problems occur.

Other Popular Electric Car Charging Station Models

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