Electric Car Charging Stations

The CT4000 electric car charging station is the right fit for businesses, municipalities, and property owners that want to offer both paid and unpaid access to electric car charging. It is a Level 2 charging station that offers one or two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports, each supplying up to 7.2kW (208/240VAC @ 30A).


The Popular Choice

The CT4000 is a popular choice for commercial properties due to it’s charging speed, dual ports, overall design and cost.

Flexible charging prices are offered with this model: time of day pricing, fees per driver type, sessions, kWh. The EV charger is also connected to an app enabling drivers to locate and sign up for a wait list when all chargers are in use. The large screen LCD display, is also an enticing feature of this model.

Other Popular Electric Car Charging Station Models

Below are popular commercial electric car charging station models. Click the resources below to learn about each model.