Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We supply smart electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for your premier commercial operation.

Our ability to supply, plan and install the electrical infrastructure for ChargePoint® EV charging stations and provide support for them is unbeatable in the Canadian market. 


Smart EV Chargers

Smart chargers offer owners detailed analytics based on user behaviour trends, enables pricing per user type, and allows you to control usage of the unit by sending users text message alerts when their vehicle is fully charged and ready to be moved for the next in line.


Your Perfect Match

Our expertise in parking combined with our electrical foundation and partnership with ChargePoint™ makes us today’s go to source for EV charging stations. We will plan your EV infrastructure to ensure it is wired smart with your parking system.


On-Going Support

Rely on us to provide on-going maintenance and tech support for your smart EV charging stations. Our back-end central management system allows us to immediately detect and respond to maintenance alerts and our in-house electrical team understand what needs fine tuning and when.

Smart EV Charging Station Types For Commercial Operations

We offer the following EV charging stations . Contact us to learn which model will suit your needs and circumstances best.



The CT4000 family of charging stations is the right fit for premier business, municipal and property management operations that want to offer both paid and unpaid access to electric car charging to their employees, customers, residents and fleets.




The CPE200 is the most advanced smart EV charging station in the industry. Being the newest generation of DC fast chargers, property owners can attract new customers by providing them a short recharging stop before getting back on the road.




The CPE250 is a next generation smart DC fast charger capable of 50 to 62.5kw of power. It's associated with having low maintenance costs since it has minimal moving parts and liquid cooling technology increasing reliability.




The CPE100 boasts a slim design with both wall mount and stand options, meaning you can install it almost anywhere. Property owners can harness a state-of-the-art power conversion in one of the smallest and lowest priced chargers on the market.

About ChargePoint®  

After over a year of research and investigation, Precise ParkLink has carefully chosen to partner with a world-wide industry leader – ChargePoint® – to supply electric vehicle charging stations. Quite simply, ChargePoint hosts the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Canada and its provinces and territories have been making strides in increasing our network and offering, and ChargePoint is working with prominent companies like BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Energica, Fiat, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Smart, Volkswagen, and Toyota to expand the Canadian network and make more stations accessible to Canadian communities. 

The strategic partnership between ChargePoint and Precise ParkLink provides a unique force in the marketplace; between the two companies, we offer a level of national coverage that is, unsurpassed within the Canadian landscape. Parking is what Precise ParkLink does, and electric vehicle charging is what ChargePoint does. We have decades of experience.