Track Vehicles Using Licence Plate Recognition

Track when, where and who enters your parking facility using license plate recognition (LPR). Our LPR system has been successfully deployed around the world.  The system scans, reads, processes and stores license plate images and data.


How It Works

At entry terminals the license plate number is assigned to a ticket. For all vehicles the LPR stores: date, time, lane number, license plate number, ticket ID and images. You can search vehicle movements according to several criteria. Once the vehicle is found, the date and time of passing are and ticket ID are indicated.


Global Plate Reader

Our system is a global product designed to read all plate types. Rules for “plate matching” can be configured so that processing criteria (e.g. 80% match rate) can be used to generate a compatible match to complete transactions. If a plate cannot be read (i.e. obscured by dirt or snow), the system will alert management for manual input.


Permit Holder Integration

The system can read pre-registered plates (e.g. permit holders, validated vehicles, online registrations). Our I PASS™ software is the engine that allows us to register permits and license-plate based validations. Systems are fully integrated and online, meaning there are no delays between vehicle registrations and the transactions.