Mobile Parking Solutions

With the fast pace environment we live in, mobile parking solutions are the way to go. Whether it be a with Pay-by-Phone or a simple tap, your customers are hoping you have solution in place that allows them to quickly pass through your parking lot and get on with their day. Below are a couple mobile parking solutions Precise ParkLink has developed and deployed nation-wide.


Pay-by-Phone Parking

Whoosh! allows motorist to pay for parking on the go using web enabled devices. Features include: a user-friendly payment wheel, GPS locator for parking lots, text message expiration alerts, and the ability to stop, start and extend parking.


Tap And Go Payments

We can program all of our pay stations to accept barcode, mobile, debit and credit card payments using tap and go technology enabling quick and easy transactions for commuters and steady day-to-day traffic flow for your operation.

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