Offer Monthly Parking Passes

Secure monthly parking revenue by offering your staff and regular visitors the option of a monthly parking pass. Our monthly parking solution— I PASS™ is used to manage over 100,000 individual monthly parking accounts.


Ultimate Data Security

I PASS™ provides the utmost protection of subscriber data. The security layers include: router with firewall security features, HTTPS with server certificates, VLAN segmentation, oracle firewall, HTTP inspection, physical security on server room, password and access control policies, and HTTPS.


Integrate With Third Party

I PASS™ allows the dynamic exchange of information with third-party systems including: human resources, payroll and staffing systems, Pay-by-Phone apps, pay stations. It also offers robust reports: financial reports, statistical information, transaction details.


Subscriber Accounts & Waitlist Management

I PASS™ allows individual subscribers to actively manage their monthly parking accounts.

The waitlist module allows users to subscribe to a waitlist for preferred parking lots that are unavailable at the time of their permit application.