Parking Construction & Maintenance Services

A well maintained parking lot is an integral component of your parking operations. Rely on our construction and maintenance team to keep your parking facility safe and profitable.

Our Services

We offer a full spectrum of services dedicated to making your parking facility a pleasant experience.


Painting Services

Our maintenance team provides full-service painting helping you maximize your parking revenue and mitigate risk on your property. We provide painting for parking space lines, cross walks, designated parking spots, curbs and walls.



Asphalting & Paving

Mitigate risk, ensure your parking lots are safe for drivers while providing as many parking spaces as possible. Precise ParkLink's paving and asphalt services include: asphalt paving, pavement repairs and curb construction and parking lot sealing.



Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services include: seasonal clean-up for debris and leaves, grass-cutting, aesthetic gardening ensuring healthy growth, fertilization and lawn aerating, weeding and edging of lawns, walkways and flower beds and tree pruning.



Snow Removal

Offer visitors available parking spaces and safe easy access to your parking lot. Our snow removal services include: snow ploughing, shovelling for walkways and "hard to get" areas, salting and de-icing services for parking lots and walkways.



Cleaning & Waste Removal

Welcome visitors with a positive first impression. Rely on us to ensure your parking facility is well maintained. We will provide power wash and scrub services, drainage services, and a regular waste management and recycling program.



Electrical Construction

Our electrical division performs parking equipment installations, repairs, and are directly involved in product and installation approvals. They also install electrical infrastructure such as lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.

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