Parking Electrical Services


Precise ParkLink’s division of in-house Licensed Master Electricians eliminates dependance on third party contractors allowing us to guarantee the highest level of service quality— our trademark within the parking industry and beyond.


Parking Electrician Specialists

Precise ParkLink's electrical division:

  • Performs parking equipment installation and repairs

  • Is directly involved in parking product approvals

  • Performs parking lot requirement evaluations and field evaluations for clearance to deploy parking equipment

  • Installs electrical infrastructure beyond parking equipment (i.e., lighting, electric car charging stations)

For more information about Precise ParkLink's parking lot electrical services, contact us.

“Precise ParkLink’s construction team is very professional, courteous, and flexible. They have experience in dealing with patients and visitors, which is a positive for us, and they’ve always been able to meet my deadlines.”
— — Michael Orrico, Director of Emergency Preparedness Humber River Hospital

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