Parking Construction & Maintenance Services

“Precise ParkLink’s construction team is very professional, courteous, and flexible. They have experience in dealing with patients and visitors, which is a positive for us, and they’ve always been able to meet my deadlines.”
— Michael Orrico, Director of Emergency Preparedness Humber River Hospital

Precise ParkLink's construction & maintenance division offers a full-spectrum of services to ensure your visitors are welcomed to a safe, clean and well-maintained parking facility. Our parking construction and maintenance services include:

  • Civil work including: electrical, plumbing, flooring, dry walling and painting

  • Concrete infrastructure: asphalting, curbs and speed bumps 

  • Seasonal maintenance: landscaping and snow plowing

  • Cleaning services including: power wash, scrub, drainage and waste management

For more information about Precise ParkLink's parking construction and maintenance services, contact us.


Convenience & Cost Savings

Working with Precise ParkLink’s construction and maintenance team results in convenience and cost savings as all of our resources are in-house and readily available.

Parking Lot Construction Services

We provide the following parking lot construction services:

  • Electrical construction

  • Plumbing construction

  • Concrete infrastructure (asphalt, curb and speed bump construction)

  • Drywall and flooring

Parking Lot Maintenance Services

We provide the following parking lot maintenance services:

  • Power wash and scrub services

  • Drainage services

  • Painting: parking space line, curb and wall painting

  • Seasonal maintenance: landscaping, snow plowing and de-icing

  • Waste management and recycling program


We provide end-to-end services for all parking sign types.

  • Design services consistent with your brand

  • Printing and production 

  • Installation and maintenance 

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