Parking Revenue Financial Services




Precise ParkLink is the only parking organization in Canada that can protect your parking revenue using bank standard Level-1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) procedures. Our Level-1 PCI compliance enables us to securely process and protect parking revenue. 

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“The quality and security, particularly with the way Precise ParkLink handles and manages cash collections and credit card processing is very reliable.”
— Susan McClean, Chief Operating Officer Strathroy Middlesex Hospital Alliance


End-To-End Financial Services

Precise ParkLink will process your parking revenue, cash and credit card transactions, using bank standard compliance procedures and methods. 

Cash Collection & Replenishment

Precise ParkLink follows a strict cash collection procedure when collecting coin or notes from your parking meters and/ or pay stations. 

We will also ensure your parking equipment is stocked with a variety of coin and bill types in order to provide change.  

Financial Processing & direct deposit

Once your parking revenue is safely returned to our vault, it is accurately counted and safely direct deposited into your organizations account accompanied by financial reports.

We abide by a zero shrinkage policy. Rooms and bays’ physical access are secured through an access control scheme using secure electronic badges. Only verified “cash handling” staff have access.


Precise ParkLink processes an annual volume of 800 million dollars of client parking revenue in credit card transactions alone. As a result, our facility and financial processes undergo annual external audits ensuring our controls and procedures meet the financial industry’s requirements. Precise ParkLink has garnered Level-1 PCI compliance—the highest level— and prepares a report pursuant to the Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416 Audit.