Power Series Parking Meters






The Power Series unleashes the full power of Precise ParkLink's Pay-and-Display and Pay-by-License Plate parking meters with new technology integrations at the heart of the system. The power series is built on Parkeon's elite manufacturing solution. When returned to base the world's most powerful parking meters are created with upgraded core technologies and completely rebuilt and serviced components that are central to the user experience. The rebuilt systems provide superior hardware and software functionality surpassing brand new units:

  • Sleek anti-grafitti exterior
  • Wider network coverage
  • Reduced power consumption and prlonged battery life
  • Accelerated transaction speed
  • Longer life cycle and improved mean time between failures
  • Extended warranty
  • Level-1 (highest level) PCI DSS compliance
  • Replacement of internal components, harnesses and seals
  • Reinstallation of proof tested EPROMs
  • Technical upgrades: DG modem board, emulation board and compatible 3G antenna
  • Upgraded m900 magnetic stripe credit card reader 
  • Credit card degrade mode enabling PCI DSS compliant network outage

For more information about Precise ParkLink's Power Series, contact us and download the program series specifications. 

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