PowerFlex Parking Equipment





“Our Pay-and-Display parking equipment worked well, enabling us to gain the funds needed to purchase a Pay-on-Foot parking system. Our Pay-on-Foot equipment is top notch and has significantly improved our parking revenue!”
— Susan McClean, Chief Operating Officer Strathroy Middlesex Hospital Alliance

Precise ParkLink’s PowerFlex Pay-on-Foot parking system is a full featured system offering central cashiers and remote automated pay stations. The PowerFlex parking equipment provides:

  • Stringent revenue control features, records and detailed data per financial transaction
  • Ticket tracking application module with data query capabilities (i.e., ticket number, per day, week, month, year, specific date range)
  • Integration with our I PARC™ remote monitoring and parking customer service centre enabling and audio and visual connection with motorists
  • Integration with monthly parking and H PASS™ parking passes

For more information about Precise ParkLink's PowerFlex parking equipment, contact us and download the product specifications. 

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