Remote Monitoring & Parking Customer Service (I PARC™)




Precise ParkLink is the only parking organization in Canada that offers a completely functional, leading-edge monitoring facility, complete with a real-time communication link to our systems. This is our Interactive Parking Assistance Response Centre (I PARC™). Using our I PARC™ solution, we have made it possible for property managers to enjoy the same peace of mind as they would with their staffed parking facilities, but at a fraction of the cost. 

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“Precise ParkLink’s video surveillance at each entry and exit gate of the parking lot has allowed us to deal with parking lot security issues.”
— Elizabeth McCartney, Director of College Services, Seneca College


Key For Successful Parking Operations.

I PARC™ exceeds the typical remote monitoring and parking customer service call centre. It is an innovative model that delivers full-fledged customer service to your patrons. 

Two-Way Video & Voice Connection

I PARC™ enables our customer service representatives (CSRs) to have a video and voice connection with your motorists. You have the option to enable V PARC™ parking technology, which allows motorist to not only hear our CSRs but also see them!


I PARC™ CSRs monitor and overlook your parking facility at all times to ensure traffic flows smoothly, attend to motorist questions, and ensure your parking facility is safe. I PARC™ video footage can be used to report incidents. 


I PARC™ reduces parking equipment downtime with it's remote troubleshooting capabilities. Every unit of parking equipment we install is online and in real-time monitored by myParkfolio. Alerts and alarms are transmitted and displayed to our CSRs in real-time.

Increase Parking Revenue

I PARC™ allows property managers to enjoy the same peace of mind as they would with their staffed parking facilities, but at a fraction of the cost. It can also be an addition to onsite parking staff to cover off-peak hours or employee breaks. 

We're Awake While You Sleep

I PARC™ operates 24/7/365. You can rely on us to monitor your parking facility at all times, including weekends and  statutory holidays. I PARC™ packages are flexible to your schedule needs. 

100% Bilingual 

All I PARC™ CSRs are fluent in French and English. We have the ability to also respond to motorists in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Tagalog, Urdu and African. 

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