The ParkSafe™ program is an intensive safety inspection certification service used to establish safe parking procedures within your parking facilities. Ensuring you keep an up-to-date, maintained and safe parking lot will mitigate risk caused from outdated, weathered or damaged parking lot conditions. 

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Mitigate Risk On Your Property

If an accident occurs on the premises of your parking lot, it could be a liability to your facility and parking revenue flow. ParkSafe ensures that your parking system operates under safe conditions. 

Safety Audits

Our Safety Checklist covers all aspects of the parking operation and uses industry-best safety practices. The following aspects are covered:

  • Electrical and construction team requirements
  • Installation crew requirements
  • Entry and exit column safety
  • Barrier arm safety
  • Excluding parking equipment
  • Way-finding signs
  • Traffic control
  • Certified lighting
  • Site warning signs

Recommendations & iMPLEMENTATIONS

ParkSafe™ will provide you with a report identifying specific safety concerns and any aspects of your parking facility that need to be reconciled, along with our recommendations.  

Precise ParkLink will implement the safety recommendations you decide to proceed with. It is strongly recommended that you take into consideration the risk that may occur from outdated, weathered or damaged parking lot conditions.


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